Multitasking your dreams until synchronization

Ben building a photo studio
in my grandfather’s old barn
  • Ben’s dreamy *
    Quite literally, he lives in the clouds, it’s his determination to bring dreams to life that makes him special.
    He’s a believer that if you have multiple spinning plates at the same time they are become synchronized at some point.
    He says, you have to focus on certain plates for a little and then move to a otter plate, bouncing around isn’t a bad thing….sometimes It feels like we don’t get anywhere because projects don’t get 💯 finished before moving to the next…
    But it’s because of seasons, sometimes you can’t finish a project because of a derail like a tractor breaking, instead of throwing in the towel, he moves to the next project, while the tractor gets fixed.
    Ben’s also dreamy because look at that smile when he is doing what he loves, building. He’s a carpenter by trade and by-goodness, he is building a photo studio in our barn + a boutique to be open at @simplycountryranch + @simplystainedshop
    Hoodie: country boy can survive @simplycountryranch

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