Take an opportunity, you don’t know where it’ll lead.

This is typically how Ben and I jump into something new… we don’t usually wait for perfect timing, or spend time knowing everything there is to know before jumping in….whether this is a good thing or bad, it’s what we do, so picture this, it’s the year 2018, I woke up and said, I think we should get a cow.

I love this man because his response, “what kind?” not a bat of an eye, or questioning of this request to embark on something new.

So we research on Google, “what’s the best kind of cow to get when you’re just starting out?”

Low and behold, Scottish Highland Coos (yes, coos) was one of the top because of their mothering instincts, their hardiness for winters, calm demeanor, small stature, etc.

You’d like the HORNS would be a big red flag, but it wasn’t I knew I had seen these cool creatures on social media but like a lot of people, didn’t know what they were called.

so call it destiny, maybe an opportunity I took, or created for myself, but we jumped on Craigslist and there was ONLY ONE highland for sale in all of our Treasure Valley, and low and behold, this gal lived 10 minutes from us.

We went to go see this cow and came home with a total of four, because are we a little crazy? maybe. but it was a deal the rancher was making we couldn’t pass up.

We still have Darla, the cranky cow to this day, she’s our head lady, our oldest gal, and most iconic highland I have seen, I haven’t been able to find another highland that looks like her since we started breeding.

Let’s fast foward a year, when you go into a store such as walmart, hobby lobby, wayfair, target, home goods, what farmhouse photo do you see? HIGHLAND COWS, the cute fluffy long horned cows, right?

I giggle every-time I see them because the description below the photo always reads, “BUFFALO, yaks, long horns, etc.” This is how you know the sellers are not owners of these beautiful creatures.

That doesn’t bother me because when I started ranching I had to google terms like, “what a HEIFER was,” (cow that hasn’t had a baby) and a “STEER” (castrated male) but the point is,
when you SHOP LOCAL you get real things, REAL people framing your art, real highlands captured through the lens of my iPhone that live here on our @simplycountryranch

At our sign company, Simply Stained Shop we build custom photos and decor pieces, my favorite element is when we get to add the true farm feel with our beautiful highlands on the images.

I think that sets us apart from being a box store. Nothing to knock these box stores, one of my dreams is to be in a retail store with out highland photos, (I am still trying to figure out how to do that exactly,) **so if you know how to make steps in that direction, I’d love your help ;)**

Anyways, what I want to share with you is that when you shop local, you’re adding art to your home, office, business, and classroom from REAL people, REAL animals, and REAL stories are behind each piece.

Thank you for supporting local businesses like our shop here in McAlester, OK.

So cheers to making opportunities happen in your life, I hope you go after something that has been always been on your mind, you never know where it may lead. Don’t overthink it, you’ll learn as you go.

Simply Lauren Denny

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