1. Babe Lash Eyelash Serum: I swear by this stuff! It is my #1 stocking stuffer gift to myself.. because let’s be honest, I do my own shopping for christmas, anyone else do that? It feels like you’re putting water on your eyelid and feels like hokey pokey, but stick with it, it’s not silly, I have been using it for 4 years and am always asked if my lashes are real! code: INSTA20 *not affiliate

2. Walli Phone Cases: I couldn’t find one that I loved until Kelsi from Fullmhouse on IG shared her Walli Case. I got it for a wedding to hold my credit card instead of a purse, you know, more arms free for dancing to the cha cha slide! I didn’t think I would keep it on because I was worried my essentials would slip out of the back pocket after it “loosened up,” but it hasn’t done that. This case is a win in my book, I have the black leather, but all the patterns are so cute! *affiliate link*

3. Gluten/Dairy Free Cookies: Ben’s FAVORITE, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate brownie. We get these at Walmart, too!

4. Children’s Book +Character Stuffy: Interactive book with videos about REAL farm animals, Great for young aged kiddos! Code: GIFTGUIDE $10 off

Grab the book!

Winston and the missing apples book

5. Deep Fryer: I think we use this almost EVERY MEAL, potatoes, beet chips, fried chicken, spinach, making funnel cake, etc. We can’t cook without it!

6. Buttery Soft Leggings + Pockets: Anything with pockets, right? These are buttery soft, high waisted, and keep the shape throughout a full day or a full workout, sometimes that’s hard to find so they don’t stretch out.

7. Beat That!: This is our #1 family game, it’s quick, fun, goofy, and great for all ages. It’s like Minute to Win It style activities.

8. Fishing Waders: Ben’s go to for fishing, cleaning ponds, etc.

9. 2022 Farm Calendar: All the cutest animals for your office, home, or classroom. Code: GIFTGUIDE $10 off

10. The Happy Headband Co. : Kacey’s a small business in Michigan, her headbands are soft, stretchy and never give my head a headache!

11. Insulated Fleece Work Coat: Top pick for Ben + Lauren to kill the chill when working outside! True to size

12. Hustle Sanely Weekly Planner: Jess Massey is a small business owner in Florida that keeps me grounded and reminds me to focus on goals I can accomplish in a routinely manner. I am so excited to get my 2022 planner!

13. Your Custom Handwritten Notes/Recipes: Let’s preserve your handwritten recipes and notes from your loved ones and gift them, make sure to have a camera and tissues to share the memory when they open them! We hand make each item here in Oklahoma at Simply Stained Shop, We just need a photo of your family’s note and we do the rest!

14. Best Coffee Ever: Said in ELF’s voice 😉 This is Ben’s choice for coffee, Walmart or online

15. Simply Country Ranch Hoodie: Our ranch partnered with Key Apparel and this hoodie is my top pick! It’s fitted well, true to size, warm but not too bulky.

16. FRIENDS Tumbler: Brooke is a veteran owned, former teacher small business with the best farm animals. Her tumblers are well made, high quality, she’s FAST and perfect for all your drink needs.

17. Family Photos: upload your family photos, choose your size and frame colors, and we will ship it to you or your family member’s house. Handmade in Oklahoma at Simply Stained Shop. Code: GIFTGUIDE $10 off

18. Chef Knife: The love Ben has for this knife is unreal… I got it for him last Christmas, and he HANDWASHES it, keeps it in a special drawer. The love it real.. Have a chef in your house?

19. Recipe Cards: We started working on promoting gluten/dairy free cooking that is EASY, healthy, and a good everyday meal.

20. Your Family’s Voice Message Sign: Send in your family’s voicemail, video, and we will preserve their message with a QR code you can scan and hear your loved one any time. Code: GIFTGUIDE $10 off

21. Mop +Vacuum: This was my splurge this Christmas, I can never find a vacuum or a mop that LASTS, they all break within 6 months with the amount of “FARM LIFE” we have around here, I am loving the combo of vacuum and mopping.

22. Wood Tavern Sign: Either a coaster set or a wood barrel sign. This is great for a wet bar or a man cave! Customize it!

23. Darla Highland Cow Shower Curtain: Darla is our cranky but mothering cow, she is so iconic with her gorgeous highlights and long horns! Code: GIFTGUIDE $10 off

24. Ben’s Work Boot Choice: Steel toe work boot, comfy, water resistant.

25. Lauren’s Work Boot Choice: Comfy, strong, water resistant, easy to slip on

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